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  • Ulumbu's Geothermal Has Been Generating Electricity
    (Manggarai, 11/11) Test of the power supply from Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) Ulumbu officially operated today, Friday, 11/11. 100 kilowatt (kW) electricity power will be distributed... Selanjutnya..
  • PLN Declares Special Officer Development Training Center of PDKB
    (Semarang, 10/11) PT PLN (Persero) declare the establishment of the Special Officer Development Training Center of PDKB (Worked In Voltage Condition) based in the PLN Training Center, Kedung Mundu, Semarang, Thursday (10/11), coinciding with the PDKB... Selanjutnya..

  • (Palembang, 7 / 11) In the face of the implementation of the SEA Games to be held in Palembang on 11 to 22 November 2011, PLN has prepared a step-by-step preparation since 2010. Starting from the generation with the addition of electric power capacit... Selanjutnya..
  • Coal Methane Gas Sale and Purchase
    (Jakarta, 4 / 11) Director of PLN, Nur Pamudji (left) and President of VICO Indonesia, Craig Stewart (right) witnessed by the Minister, Jero Wacik (two from right) and Head of BP Migas, R. Priyono (two from left) signed a Memorandum of Understanding ... Selanjutnya..
  • PLN Assigned to Purchase Private Electricity
    (Jakarta, 3 / 11) of PT PLN (Persero) gets the assignment of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) on the purchase of electricity derived from geothermal power plant and the approval of the selling price of electric power to private part... Selanjutnya..
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