PLTU #1 West Java – Indramayu Has Been Operate, Java-Bali Electricity System Secured

(Jakarta, 12/10) Java-Bali electricity system more resilient certainly going to follow the operation of PLTU #1 in West Java – Indramayu a capacity of 3 x 330 Mega Watt (MW). Power plant built on an area of 83 hectares in village wells Adem, Sukrak, Indramayu This is a part of the 10,000 MW Fast Track Program Phase One (FTP-1).

Inauguration of the operation of PLTU #1 West Java, Indramayu conducted by the Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa, Wednesday (12/10) on-site generator. Also present at the inauguration PLN CEO, Dahlan Iskan and Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia.

At the same time, also delivered aid of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) CSR program is a synergy between PLN and Bank Mandiri in the form of elementary school renovation and construction of existing health centers Adem village wells. In addition, the consortium of contractors were also handed over CSR Rp 50 Million for the generation of the environment surrounding communities.

PLTU #1 West Java started to work with the contractor of a consortium of China National Mechinery Industry Corp (SINOMACH), China National Electric Equipment Corp. (CNEEC) and PT Penta Adi Ocean since 2007. Value of the contract for the construction of power plants that use coal types Low Rank Coal of USD 696,734,419 and Rp 1,497,545,476,343. Funding comes from the Consortium of China Construction Bank, the consortium of local banks and APLN Indonesia.

Later, the demand for coal for Indramayu power plant is estimated at 4.2 million tons of coal per year. Demand for coal supplied from Borneo and Sumatra are supplied by a number of companies, including PT Arutmin Indonesia, PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PT Bukit Asam Coal and PT PLN Kideco Jaya Agung. Later electricity generated by coal plant Indramayu this will be channeled through the network 150 Kilo Volt (kV) substation to Kosambi Sukamandi and henceforth will be distributed through a network interconnection Extra High Voltage Air Line (SUTET) 500 kV.

Thus, the electricity supply in Java-Bali electricity system will be more resilient, both in terms of adequacy and quality of power supply reliability. Currently the average power capable of generating the electrical interconnect system of Java-Bali reached 21 000 MW with an average peak load (peak load) ranges from 19.300 MW daily.

FTP Project Phase 1 is the electrification project stipulated in Presidential Regulation. 71 of 2006 dated July 6 Jo Government Regulation no. 59 in 2009. Government-PLN electricity projects are scattered in 37 locations across Indonesia, which is 10 locations in Java-Bali with a total capacity of 7490 MW, 12 locations in western Indonesia with a total capacity of 1580 MW and 15 locations in Eastern Indonesia with a total capacity of 865 MW.

Besides aiming to meet growing electricity demand in Indonesia is growing rapidly in line with the improving economic growth, is also intended to improve the fuel mix through the diversification of primary energy from oil fuel (BBM) to non-fuel using low grade coal.

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