Customer Responsibility

1. Approve the placement provisions of PLN’s APP in such a way that is safe and easy for inspection officers.
2. Keeping APP and equipment PLN.
3. Checking the assignment letter and the identity of the officer P2TL, service engineering, service disruption, disconnection and connection of PLN.
4. Allow PLN to install electrical installations such as power poles or other supporting equipment in the yard or customer premises in order to provide power to other buildings.
5. APP compensation of lost or damaged due to negligence or intentional misconduct in accordance with the applicable customer.
6. Paying bills due subsequent violation is found due to the use of electricity or electricity consumption is not measured in full due to abnormal working measuring equipment is not due to customer error.
7. Provide location, pay removal costs and damages that are not channeled kWh. If the customer intends to move the Power poles and other support equipment with the approval of PLN.
8. Comply with all applicable provisions in the PLN.